Kurdish Medical Association in UK [KUMA]
Welcome to Kurdish Medical Association in UK - KUMA

The Kurdish Medical Association - UK (KuMA - UK) is a professional, non-political and not for profit voluntary organisation to cater for graduates of medical, dental and pharmaceutical professions of Kurdistan Universities or Kurdish graduates of other Universities of the above professions residing in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Association is governed by the laws of England & Wales and its office will be situated in the United Kingdom.


Over the last two decades various Kurdish medical and scientific/academic organisations were established in order to support the institutions of higher education in Kurdistan and to serve the Kurdish professional community in the UK. The Kurdish British Scientific and Medical Support Group (KBSMSG) was one of the first of these organisations which was founded in March 1988.This was seen as a venture prompted by the sense of urgency felt within the scientific and academic community after the holocaust of Halabja. The Groupís initial objective was to set up a systematic frame-work for the development of practical medical, scientific and educational aid for the Kurdish people. It also aimed to reach and win over a much wider audience internationally for the just cause of a peaceful settlement of the Kurdish struggle.

The KBSMSG soon grew into a broad network of interested professionals who adopted a constitution and changed its name to Kurdish Scientific and Medical Association (KSMA) at the inauguration conference, held in the building of Kurdish Cultural Centre (KCC) on March 18th, 1989. Few years later, at its Annual General Meeting of 2000, KSMA divided its functions into two separate Medical and scientific subcommittees.

Over the years, KSMA provided advice and assistance to Kurdish refugees, post-graduate students and other qualified professionals in Kurdistan and abroad. It also worked closely with other organisations such as the Support Committee for Higher Education in Iraqi Kurdistan (SCHEIKUK), Kurdish Academic Network (KAN) and Kurdistan Medical Association (KMA), to promote Kurdish human rights, campaign against the use of chemical weapons and support the institutions of higher education in Kurdistan. Since its foundation, KSMA had organised regular and frequent scientific seminars and international conferences, creating a platform where Kurdish and non-Kurdish scholars meet and exchange views.

In recent years, and following the expansion of the number of universities in Kurdistan and also the increasing number of Kurdish medical and scientific professionals in the UK, the Kurdish professional organisations in the UK felt the need to get together in order to enhance their productivity and to make their efforts more unified and highly efficient. Subsequently at a general meeting in January 2005, which was attended by over 120 Kurdish doctors and academics/scientific professionals in the UK from the above named organisations, participants agreed to restructure the existing medical and scientific organisations under one umbrella organisation (a federation) which would incorporate one medical association and one scientific association (Kurdistan Scientific Association ? KSA). It was also agreed that the new structure would eventually replace all the existing organisations.

In June 2005 117 Kurdish doctors, dentists and pharmacists elected a new executive council for the new medical organisation which was later named Kurdish Medical Association UK (KuMA - UK).

The KuMA UK is managed by an Executive Council which coordinates all activities and overseas the work the organisation.